This Community Reinvestment Act Statement defines the communities which Commercial State Bank considers to be its service areas and lists the types of loans which the bank is prepared to extend within those areas.

DEFINITION OF COMMUNITY: The communities to be served by Commercial State Bank are located in the regions of Andrews,
Midland, Gaines, Ector and Lubbock counties.


  • Commercial and Business Loans
  • Consumer Installment Loans
  • Business Real Estate Loans
  • Residential Real Estate Loans
  • Equipment Loans
  • Visa Charge Cards
  • SBA Guaranteed Loans

GENERAL POLICIES: It is the policy of Commercial State Bank to serve all creditworthy members of the Community Service Area without regard to any arbitrary lines which exclude any area of the communities.

In ascertaining the credit needs of the communities, civic clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, church groups, and community leaders were contacted to express their views on this matter. Commercial State Bank is convinced that the strongest indicators of how credit  needs are being met in the communities it serves is through the loans being made as a result of the bank’s loan demand.  The loan requests are acted upon without regard to the section of the community the applicant resides in.

Card Services

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Business Debit Cards
Consumer Debit Cards
Merchant Card Services

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TYPES OF LOANS PROVIDEDAgriculture Loans - Livestock, real estate, machinery and equipment and operating loans!

Business Manager - Immediate credit on accounts receivable!

Commercial Loans - Expand your existing business or start up a new business!

Consumer Loans or Personal Loans - For any worthwhile purpose!

Oil & Gas Production Loans - Acquisitions, work - overs, development and equipment loans!

Real Estate Loans - Commercial, interim construction or personal!

Small Business Loans - For inventory, machinery, equipment and working capital, including SBA guaranteed!

Could Improved Cash Flow Help Your Business?

Perhaps no business problem is so well known to small business owners as cash flow. Commercial State Bank offers an answer to the small business cash flow problem-the Business Manager program. The Business Manager program can help your business maintain reliable cash flow.

Mortgage Loans

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