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Types Of Loans

Agriculture Loans - Livestock, real estate, machinery and equipment and operating loans!

Business Manager - Immediate credit on accounts receivable!

Commercial Loans - Expand your existing business or start up a new business!

Consumer Loans or Personal Loans - For any worthwhile purpose!

Home Improvement Loans - For your home remodeling projects

Oil & Gas Production Loans - Acquisitions, work - overs, development and equipment loans!

Real Estate Loans - Commercial, interim construction or personal!

Small Business Loans - For inventory, machinery, equipment and working capital, including SBA guaranteed and EX-IM Bank guaranteed loans!

Could Improved Cash Flow Help Your Business?

Perhaps no business problem is so well known to small business owners as cash flow. Commercial State Bank offers an answer to the small business cash flow problem-the Business Manager program.

The Business Manager program can help your business:

  • Maintain reliable cash flow

  • Pursue new business opportunities

  • Improve payment habits to suppliers

  • take advantage of early pay discounts

  • Purchase equipment

  • Pay off existing debt

  • Hire additional staff

  • Begin saving for retirement

How Does Business Manager Work?

As your business sells products or services to customers, you submit one or more batches of invoices to the bank. The bank purchases the receivables on a discounted basis. A portion of the money you get for your receivables is put into a reserve account. The rest of the funds are placed in your business's checking account, giving you the liquidity to run and grow your business more efficiently.

For more information regarding Business Manager
please contact: Les Robbins 407 North Big Spring, Midland TX 79701 (432) 620-8225

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